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The end of user names and passwords...

Touch one button on your mobile device and you are securely signed on to your web based or mobile application.
Imagine a world where user names and passwords are no longer necessary, and authentication is simple and secure.
Imagine a world where Distributed Ledgers are a "cryptographically secure shared source of truth" and the Internet of Value is real.
The authentication process will soon become incredibly simple and secure. A user will go to a "Sign On" web page:
Through an encrypted Firebase channel the Authentication Code (displayed on the web page: KCZS SZDC RCVR) will be sent from the web server to the user's mobile device:
The user will verify the Authentication Code, check the URL address (to prevent phishing scams) and then touch Sign On.
The web page will "auto-magically" transform:
A Verification Code, generated in the user's mobile device and sent through an encrypted channel to the web server, will be displayed on both the web page and the user's mobile device:
Additionally, simply touching a credential icon in the the TNX Secure mobile app will securely log the user onto the provider's mobile application.
Both the user and web application provider will sleep well at night knowing authentication is simple and secure.
How can a user's mobile device provide simple and secure authentication?  It's simple.  Click here for more details.
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